Turn your invoices into cash instantly with TRIVER. Public sector payment terms can
be long. TRIVER provides the best cash flow financing facility that ensures you
always have the cash you need to run your business. You can open a free TRIVER
facility online in minutes and use it whenever you need.
Our customers say Excellent

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4.5 out 5

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Our customers say Excellent
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4.5 out 5 on

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Open your facility in minutes

No personal guarantee  

Limit up to 20% of turnover

A simple fee per transaction



Your TRIVER facility only costs for what you use. TRIVER charge a simple discount fee per transaction, calculated
based on your daily rate applied on the value of the invoice – for instance 0.06% daily, i.e. 1.8% for a 30-day
invoice. That’s it. There is no setup fee, no interest and no prepayment fee. The facility is entirely free when you
don’t use it, and you can stop using it at any time.


Invoices up to £100,000

Up to 120 days

*based on a daily discount rate of 0.06%


Fast – open a facility and advance
invoices in minutes

Simple – no personal guarantee,
no securities, no paperwork

Discreet – invisible to your
clients, no trust account

Flexible – large facility that grows
with your business

Fair – one simple fee per
transaction, no hidden fees

Convenient – available to use
online 24/7, whenever you wish




You are a Director of a UK Limited company or LLP business

Trading B2B with commercial or public sector clients

Active for more than 2 years with an annual turnover of over £100k

Able to connect your business bank account with Open Banking

With a receivables portfolio not already pledged with a lender


Great service – fast delivery

A new product that I was excited to try and was waiting for the right time. A big invoice that was due to land with us today didn’t so I used this opportunity to see if Triver does what is says on the tin.
5 minutes later my advanced invoices have been approved and the money is in my bank.
Fee’s are great for this short term cash flow

Mr Lucas - April 30, 2024

Absolutely fabulous

Absolutely fabulous. Really helped us out at a time we needed it. Really easy to apply and instant transfer to account. Swift customer service. Very pleased, would highly recommend and we will definitely use again if needed.

J Bangs - April 09, 2024

Simple, quick, effective!

Triver is one of the few invoice finance companies to offer their services to smaller businesses like mine. Their simple to use platform allows me to upload an invoice with ease and receive the funds the same day with full transparency of what is to be payed back and when. Furthermore, I can choose to pay the finance back early and reduce the overall fee.
Would be happy to recommend to anyone.

J Watson - March 27, 2024

Highly Recommended to facilitate small business growth restricted by cashflow

TRIVER provide an excellent service to small businesses that I highly recommend. The application process is extremely simple and the product offers far more flexibility than anything else we’ve used. There are no minimum usage fees or ongoing commitment, so I would highly recommend to give it a go.

Richard - February 15, 2024

What is invoice discounting?2024-05-20T00:15:55+01:00

Invoice discounting is a way to generate instant cash flow from your client invoices by advancing their payment instead of taking new debts. Unlike invoice factoring, you can select the invoices you wish to advance and the use of the facility is invisible to your clients.

What is the service offered by TRIVER?2024-05-20T00:17:13+01:00

TRIVER offers cash flow financing to small businesses, leveraging unpaid client invoices. This service is called invoice discounting. Your TRIVER facility enables you to advance invoices whenever needed, up to the facility limit, and you only pay for what you use.

What invoice amounts can I submit?2024-05-20T00:19:05+01:00

You can advance as many invoices as you want between £1,000 – £100,000, up to your facility limit.

What invoices are accepted?2024-05-20T00:19:50+01:00

Commercial invoices in Sterling Pound made to companies (not to consumer or sole-trader) registered in the UK that have payment terms of 10 days or more.​

How will I repay TRIVER?2024-05-20T00:21:20+01:00

Your repayment to TRIVER is collected via a one-off direct debit scheduled a few days after your invoice due date, providing you time to receive payments from your client. We will give you advance notice before your repayment is collected.

Can I make early repayments if I am paid early by my client?2024-05-20T00:21:45+01:00

Yes, you can make an early repayment to TRIVER if your client pays you early. The cost of the transaction will be adjusted accordingly. You only pay for what you use, there is no early repayment fee.

What if I don’t get paid by my client on time?2024-05-20T00:22:30+01:00

If your client is going to pay you later than originally agreed, you can request a repayment extension. When approved, your direct debit is rescheduled to a later date and the cost of the transaction is adjusted accordingly. You can extend it up to a maximum of 120 days from the original date of the invoice funding.

What is required to apply?2024-05-20T00:22:56+01:00

No paperwork, no personal guarantees. We only need your company name, the applying Director’s details and your permission for a read-only connection to your business bank account via Open Banking.

Is my company’s credit score going to be impacted?2024-05-20T00:23:31+01:00

As part of assessing your application for opening a facility with TRIVER, we ask credit reference agencies for your company’s credit data. This data request is called a ‘soft search’. Soft searches are only visible to you and the credit reference agency. They are not visible to other lenders and don’t affect your company’s credit score. A ‘standard’ search, also known as ‘hard’ search, that gets registered in your credit file is only performed once you have received and accepted an offer from TRIVER.

Is my personal credit score going to be impacted?2024-05-20T00:24:43+01:00

No. Directors’ credit scores are not impacted. There will only be a ‘soft’ search on the applicant Director’s credit file that does not leave a mark on their credit records.

Triver Limited is a limited company registered in England under Company Number 14153437 and whose registered address is 123 Blythe Road, London, England, W14 0HL. TRIVER is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority with the number 991622. Your approval for a TRIVER facility will be subject to the evaluation of the required information collected at application stage. Maximum facility limit is £250,000. For all invoices: maximum amount is £100,000 and maximum term 120 days. Charges will apply for late repayment.

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