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Driven by our best-in-class Supply Chain technology, Elcom’s sophisticated financing service advances funds with 48 hours of a Purchase Order being issued. It’s very simple!

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Build your capabilities to make you a strong ‘fit to supply’ business through the adoption of digital business technologies. Free to register and only pay for what you need and use. Elcom’s Supplier Services provide a range of value-adding applications to strengthen and build your businesses success in selling to the public and private sector.

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Dovetail Enterprises Case Study

Dovetail Enterprises Ltd is a social enterprise providing employment and training for the disabled manufacturing doors, furniture and beds in Dundee. With a turnover of £3.3m+ per annum, they were looking to secure steady access to funds at the purchase order stage.

“The support provided by Elcom scheme has been extremely helpful in assisting us to navigate through a particularly busy spell with competing demands on our cashflow. The increasing workload has required the purchase of increased volumes of raw materials. The  funding provided through the scheme has enabled us to continue to meet our contractual obligations and helped ensure the continued support and training required for our disabled workforce”

Band Supplies Case Study

After 40 years supplying instruments to schools, bands, orchestras and music clubs, Band Supplies wanted a solid cash flow stream. They were looking for a solution to secure easy and steady access to funds at an early stage of the procurement cycle.

“The instrumental tuitions are disappearing from the school curriculum due to the reduction in funding. This makes it essential to secure a positive cash flow faster. Elcom’s eFunding solution allows Band Supplies to access funds at purchase order stage which in turn increases our cash flow allowing us to be able to be more flexible whilst also covering our commitments and hopefully expanding and diversifying our business. ”