How it works?

At Elcom, we make it easier for you to gain full visibility and control of your payment process.

How do we make this happen at Elcom? We ensure that your e-Invoices are approved, processed, and paid in the easiest way possible, optimise your existing technology and seamlessly integrate your Supply Chain. This process is so easy that it guarantees a higher supplier adoption rate.

In three easy steps:

Send/Receive invoices in a single, easy-to-use format

We eliminate the need for buyer-based manual data entry by allowing suppliers to submit electronic documents (from PDFs to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or scanned copies) via email to Elcom. We offer different solutions for your suppliers to get started with e-Invoicing easily, so that format is no longer a challenge – making it easier for everyone.

Automate data management and invoice processing

Our solution ensures each invoice is automatically standardised and customised with the buyers’ requested details, with the correct Tax Code, Supplier ID, etc. Regardless of the country of origin or destination, each e-Invoice is accurate and secured, with guaranteed integrity, authenticity and legibility.

Store e-Invoices on your AP platform

We ensure that e-Invoices are automatically, and in a non- disruptive process, sent straight to all or any trading partners. Electronic documents are also automatically stored in either a file store or pushed into a chosen AP platform.

Rapid Implementation Process

• Agreement on DocX to Accounts Payable mapping

• Set up of buyer invoicing mailbox

• Instruction to existing DocX suppliers used by buyer to e-mail PDF invoices to new buyer mailbox

• System live

• Onboarding of high-volume suppliers

8 Benefits of implementing the DocX solution

1. Improve the accuracy of your invoice processing

2. Reduce Waste by removing paper

3. Contribute to your Net Zero target

4. Improve the efficiency of your Purchase to Pay Process

5. Delight your suppliers by working with them more efficiently, reducing invoice queries

6. Compliance

7. Rapid deployment of the solution

8. Proven, scalable solution deployed by the Scottish Government

Elcom is the world’s first cloud-based procurement technology company. At Elcom, we focus on developing flexible technology to help our customers simplify, optimise and energise their Supply Chain. By using Elcom’s tailored solutions, buyers can more efficiently manage their spending, lower costs and mitigate risks. Suppliers are able to maximise sales opportunities with greater efficiency and transparency. Elcom, as well as being active within the education sector and NHS, has worked in collaboration with the Scottish Government for over 20 years, deploying and integrating solutions to support its digital transformation.

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