One of the easiest Cost Reduction Initiatives available. Speak to an Elcom Representative today:


Reduction of Over Stocking

With Elcom’s DistributIN Platform, stop Overstocking in its tracks. DistributIN will show what stock has been ordered, when it has been received, and its location

Less Re-Orders due to Errors

Tired of Purchasing Errors slowing progress and costing money? Eradicate them with DistributIN. See your full stock picture, with just the click of a button

Reduced Emergency Deliveries

An holistic stock outlook brings the ability to plan your Purchases / Deliveries

Stop Wasted Time searching for Deliveries

With Real Time Orders, Receipt Scanning, and Location Tracking, see where you stock is by simply logging into DistributIN

Better Experience, Less Frustration

With your Stock under control, you can focus on other priorities, and enjoy the peace of mind that DistributIN brings

Better Management of High Value Stock

Urgent Stock requirements? Need to Track super important items such as medical items in patients for Safety and peace of mind? DitributIN has you covered!

Stock delivered to Right Person in the Right Location

Stock when you need it, to who needs it, in the right location. Streamlined!

Real Time Stock Delivery Notifications

Urgent Stock? With items scanned on arrival, you’ll always know where to find it!

Full Order to Delivery Management

Full Management of Ordering, through to Warehouse, right to the Requestor!

Better Stock Management

With End to End management of Ordering, Receipting, and Delivery to the Requestors, eradicate unnecessary costs of errors throughout the whole process!

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