Community Equipment Solutions

ELCOM Community is a cloud-based platform used to deliver community healthcare equipment and services to patients at home. This includes everything from wheelchair, continence, homecare and oxygen therapy services.

With more than 15 years successfully supporting and exceeding the expectations of our customers whether they be healthcare, local authority, third sector or private providers.



  • Inaccurate traceability of products and people in the field
  • Over reliance on paper and handwritten details
  • Poor stock visibility and asset management
  • Inefficient time and resources management
  • Potential for Non-compliance with regulatory and operational requirements
  • Ineffective systems and poor data quality
  • Stock waste due to expiry and obsolescence
  • Limited customer and supplier management

Our Solution

ELCOM Community is a fully accredited GS1 solution for delivering and maintaining community equipment and services for patients.


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