Solving The Catalogue Conundrum 

Catalogue Management Solution which solve the catalogue conundrum by ensuring procurement exercises, contracts and catalogues are fully aligned. Centrally managed catalogue content to ensure consistent and quality catalogue data.

Integrated vs overlapping systems

Management of Tail-Spend is resource-intensive, due to a large volume of products from a large selection of individual suppliers. As the expenditure is lower per supplier, the opportunity to save is reduced relative to the procurement activity required. This can often lead to a vicious cycle, with the high cost of administration and poor delivery of savings, eading to pressure to reduce resource even further.

Customers’ Feedback

The voice of our customers plays a crucial role in our approach to technology innovation and to determine whether our products and services exceed our customers’ expectations. As loyal partners, we establish a close relationship with our customers and we are fully committed to delivering high-standard solutions and services.

South West London Collaborative

Jon Beeson, Head of Procurement at South West London Collaborative shares his positive experience about how Evolve solution supports their efforts of bringing together four hospital trusts.

“Across South West London we have the problem of bringing together four hospital trusts with different systems and approaches. The first stage in the journey has been to align Sourcing and Contract Management and Inventory using Evolve. This is accelerating the standardisation of contracts and collaborative projects through shared data and common systems whilst providing real-time track and trace and excellent patient costing and reporting provided through a Clinician focussed experience.”

UCL Partners Procurement Service

Mick Corti, Director at UCL Partners Procurement Services shares his positive experience about how Evolve solution supports their efforts to develop true integrated shared services.

“Each of our member trusts has retained its own financial system, so we have had to develop interfaces synchronising static and transactional data between the cloud procurement system and these local finance solutions. True integrated shared services, with a common systems infrastructure, is rare among groups of NHS Trusts and we would not have got to the point we are now at, for instance with common operational buying and helpdesk teams across our customers, if it were not for the Evolve solution.”

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