Julian Cobbledick

Julian Cobbledick, former Director of Assistive Partner Limited sadly passed away on 1st January 2022 to Cancer. An inspirational and well-liked individual in the healthcare sector, Julian’s career spanned over three decades, where he held key leadership roles across many organisations and the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). A man of many talents, including an actor, photographer, and a healthcare industry ambassador, he successfully incorporated Assistive Partner Limited in 2006, which was acquired by ELCOM in 2018, along with its employees.

Kind, generous, and very much a gentleman, Julian would think nothing of going to help on a Christmas morning, to give time and support to those who needed it. That’s the selfless man he was! Julian will forever stay in our hearts!

To keep his legacy alive, ELCOM will make regular donations to a few charities as this was a deed close to Julian’s heart.

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ELCOM highlights

ELCOM Donation

ELCOM has donated £500 to CRISIS UK, a charity very close to Julian’s heart. We hope this small contribution will help in some way to end homelessness in Great Britain.

Our Employee’s Contribution

Tony Sferrazza has generously contributed his reward to Save the Children, a cause that Tony wholeheartedly supports. Thank you Tony for this wonderful deed!

A Pint… or Two of Elcom’s finest

One million new blood donors are needed over the next five years and our star team Helen Gladwin and Iman Uddin continue to support the NHS by regularly donating blood and promoting the cause, thus saving lives!

Are you a charity or organisation that needs volunteers?

ELCOM is keen to support the community and charity work, we are always happy to receive suggestions for our charity days.