We have been approached by a number of customers who are asking for support managing their PPE stock, so they ensure all that front-line clinicians have what they need when they need it. Our team has been hard at work to deliver a specific inventory solution for PPE. This will allow PPE stock to be receipted, stored centrally and distributed around the organisation, reporting internally and to NHS England. We can have this solution set-up and running within 48 hours, if this is something that would help your team please get in touch. Steve Quinn Tel: 07508 649911 eMail:


  • Carolina Duran

    Carolina Duran, VP of Marketing at ELCOM, joined ELCOM in May 2016 to lead the company's marketing team and implement a robust and efficient strategy to secure brand positioning and growth in the UK and internationally. ELCOM is a global Supply Chain Technology Provider which praised itself for making procurement smarter, more connected, and transparent.

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