The Scottish Government & PECOS

Twenty years of making P2P more efficient

ELCOM has been running the Scottish Government’s PECOS P2P system since 2002 processing over £6.5bn of Scottish Public Sector spending each year.

Lynn Wisener, Interim Deputy Director said “…now we got hundred and eighteen public bodies in Scotland using PECOS” Lynn add later that “Not only does PECOS bring efficiencies and effectiveness to the P2P process but our customers also help one another and share learnings and best practice and that collaborative environment they have created amongst themselves has been critical to the success of rolling out PECOS”

Purchase to Pay Number One Solution

PECOS P2P is part of the Scottish Government eCommerce Shared Service. The solution has been available since 2002 to all Scottish public sector bodies including central and local government, NHS Boards, universities, and colleges. In 2021, ELCOM was recognised as a Technology Leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ (QKS) SPARK Matrix™ for Procure-to-Pay (P2P). QKS named ELCOM’s P2P solution as the most versatile and integration-friendly solution in the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global eProcurement market. The study includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, and can be downloaded here.

ELCOM Technology Leader

Scottish Government

Lynn Wisener, Interim Deputy Director, Procurement eCommerce & Best Practice at Scottish Government shares her view of how PECOS P2P solution has supported their efforts to automate their procurement processes. Also, she raised the benefits of using the Invoicing module as part of a collaborative approach to implementing in Scottish public bodies, the Scottish Government eInvoicing programme has been up and running since September 2014.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Syd Smith, Procurement Systems Infrastructure Manager at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde shares his positive experience about how PECOS P2P solution supports their efforts to develop true integrated shared services. The Child Care Programme received a Highly Commended in the EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AWARDS Scotland 2015/16, recognising excellence in Public Procurement and UK 2016/17, recognising innovation, excellence and Achievement.

“The benefits of this approach shouldn’t be measured in terms of business efficiency, although it did save time and money. The benefits are much more significant than that as the time freed up by this online ordering process means that carers get to spend more time on their real job – being a mum or a dad – and that’s priceless.”

Scottish Prison Service.

Andrew Door, Head of Procurement at Scottish Prison Services congratulates the Scottish Government eCommerce Shared Services and ELCOM for PECOS’s 20th anniversary.

“Congratulations to the eCommerce team on the 20th anniversary of PECOS.  It’s testament to the SPPD’s commitment to the product set, it’s ongoing development and improvement that it has achieved this longevity. The Scottish Prison Service has embraced various aspects of eCommerce but our lack of end to electronic P2P capability has been a gap we have been seeking to fill for some time.  We are clearly “late adopters” here. However, with the excellent support of the eCommerce shared service team we have recently gone live with our first PECOS users. One of the benefits of later adoption is that we are able to take advantage of the advances in content management and reporting that PECOS now provides and in due course to enable e-invoicing across all SPS sites. As our project is progressed, the benefits of P2P to our service have been increasingly clear. It will transform the way we manage transactional procurement and, over time, PECOS will provide SPS with a very detailed understanding of our external expenditure and to assist us to increase the value for money derived from this.”

National Procurement NHS NSS

Gordon Beattie, Director of National Procurement NHS NSS congratulates the Scottish Government eCommerce Shared Services and ELCOM for PECOS’s 20th anniversary.

“PECOS has been transformational for NHS Scotland creating efficiency and service improvement allowing our services to work together in a way impossible before.  Congratulations on its 20 Year Anniversary!” 

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