Every organisation needs to be able to carefully manage their purchasing and their budget. The bottom line matters. But with large organisations, a manual system of spreadsheets and paper receipts is more than just slow and cumbersome – it’s actually damaging to the organisation, slowing down the quick purchasing of vital goods, impeding communication, and making it hard to track exactly what is going on with budgeting and spend.

And that’s where a P2P system can make all the difference.

A good example of procurement best practice is the Scottish Government PECOS P2P. ELCOM has been running the Scottish Government’s PECOS P2P system since 2002 processing over £6.5bn of the Scottish Public Sector spends each year. Our P2P system has supported the Scottish Government’s goal to deliver greater value for money in public spending across Scotland.

Lynn Wisener, Interim Deputy Director, Procurement eCommerce & Best Practice comments:

PECOS is currently being used by 118 public bodies in Scotland. Not only does PECOS bring efficiencies and effectiveness to the P2P process but our customers also help one another and share learnings and best practices and that collaborative environment they have created amongst themselves has been critical to the success of rolling out PECOS. Management information that we generate through PECOS is really powerful not only in helping us identify where further collaboration can occur but also what impact procurement is making on the economy of Scotland. We understand what we are buying, from whom we are buying and PECOS data in itself supports us in maximising the impact of public procurement. ”

Our P2P systems help you track and authorise your purchases, and give you a full reporting system so that you know exactly who has bought which items, from which suppliers, and at what cost. It’s an easy way to manage your purchases and ensure you have all of the cost and budgetary information you need at your fingertips

ELCOM offers a tailored EVOLVE P2P system. We start with the systems you already have, help you clarify the problems you’d like to solve and establish your preferred business outcomes. We then match the systems we offer to the solutions you need, look at your technical requirements and offer you the best match for your business needs. We can then implement the new system and integrate it into your current processes, including integrating P2P with any other systems that are already in place.

Instead of writing out or printing paper purchase requisitions, having to fax, post, or deliver them by hand and then wait for everything to work its way through the old system, you’ll find things are far quicker with ELCOM’s P2P system because you let the system do the work.

You’ll simply log in to ELCOM on your usual internet browser, create a new requisition, and send the requisition off for authorisation, all without moving from your desk or having to call anyone and leave messages. All financial tracking and VAT assignments are automatically added based on the user’s profile. Once your purchase has been authorised, it’ll then be sent straight to your supplier for them to process and deliver. We can even integrate your new system into your supplier’s sales order process to speed things up.

And payment is a breeze with a variety of options available, including e-Invoicing, procurement card, self-billing, electronic receipt settlement and efunding.

Some of the benefits of having EVOLVE Purchase to Pay system:

• Shorter delivery times
• Far lower transaction costs, adding to the amount of money saved simply by doing things efficiently
• Easy tracking and reporting to assist with eProcurement control and show you where your money is being spent
• Easy search for the right goods and services
• Configurable to your own procedures and purchase rules
• Benefit the environment with less paper
• It’s far easier to comply with quality systems and with the new, incoming GDPR regulations
• Fewer invoice and payment queries, giving you more time to focus on important tasks
• There’s no need to keep large amounts of stock on hand in case you run out because you can now replace it quickly and efficiently

A great P2P system can add so many advantages to any organisation, their suppliers and their customers, that we could write pages more on the benefits, but really all we need to say is that you save time, money and a whole lot of frustration from dealing with old and slow systems, and end-users benefit from rapid delivery of vital supplies.


  • Carolina Duran

    Carolina Duran, VP of Marketing at ELCOM, joined ELCOM in May 2016 to lead the company's marketing team and implement a robust and efficient strategy to secure brand positioning and growth in the UK and internationally. ELCOM is a global Supply Chain Technology Provider which praised itself for making procurement smarter, more connected, and transparent.

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