At ELCOM, we’re delighted to announce that the #EURINV19 project has concluded after 19 months of work. We have been approved as an EN 16931 compliant solution by passing CEF conformance and interoperability tests in the EURINV19 project.

Thanks to the partnership with ELCOM in the #EURINV19 project, Althea UK is fully compliant with EN-compliant eInvoicing capabilities. Althea UK is now able to send and receive EN-compliant invoices, translate invoices into different formats with ease, and access real-time reporting of invoices, whilst having the support of ELCOM to integrate the new eInvoicing platform with their existing ERP systems. Althea UK EN compliant eInvoicing cloud platforms will make them available to hundreds of clients around the EU and associated countries.

David Rolfe, Althea UK&I Chief Executive Officer “At ALTHEA our company ethos has always been built on unlocking the power of technology so we are delighted to be benefiting from this project as it will allow us to provide better care for our customers and streamline our invoicing processes.”

EURINV19 Project

The consortium of this project, coordinated by Universitat de València and with LMT Group as technical managers, has worked to make the project a reality. Under this Action, 6 consolidated EDI providers’ eInvoicing cloud platforms from different Member States have been upgraded in order to be fully compliant with the EN, including both syntaxes approved by CEN (UBL 2.1 and CII) and achieving advanced eInvoicing functionalities.

On the other hand, Trinity College, Althea UK, Tatra, and Carrefour have uptaken an eInvoicing solution compliant with the EN. The transnational consortium was composed of 14 participants from 8 different Member States (Sweden, Slovakia, Ireland, Spain, UK, Italy, France, and the Netherlands).

This project has supported the EDI providers of the consortium and their clients to meet the European Standard (EN) on the electronic invoices for cross-border transactions according to both the Directive 2014/55/EU (eInvoicing Directive) and their Member States’ legislation in invoicing. The final goal of the action was to promote the cross-border transactions of eInvoices compliant with the EN in Europe. EURINV19 was co-financed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency  (INEA) under the CEF Telecom Program. You can find more information about it on

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The European Commission funds this initiative through the CEF Telecom program (Action number 2019‐EU‐IA‐0037). ELCOM is participating in the project along with Universitat de València, LMT Group, Qvalia, SATA, Trinity College, NetEDI, Generix Group France, Crediflow, Transalis, Easy Systems, Tatra Billing, Carrefour France, and Althea UK.

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Elcom is proud of being part of #EURINV19 the project! It will guarantee the secure identification of European citizens when using electronic services in both public and private entities. Learn more at

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