Elcom has recently launched a range of on-demand eLearning services to help suppliers find, bid, and deliver new business from the Public Sector. ELCOM will work with the Supplier Development Programme – Scotland (SDP) to help meet their training needs. With more activity planned for future SDP projects in Sustainability and Net Zero certification, eLearning is only set to grow going forward.

Gillian Cameron, SDP Programme Manager notes: 

“Since winning our Quick Quote to provide eLearning services to the Supplier Development Programme, Elcom has been a valued partner in collaboration and project management.  SDP continues to lead in offering free, expert support for Scottish SMEs, third sector and supported businesses, and our offer has expanded to include access to convenient and flexible tender training on demand through eLearning.”

Supplier Development Programme Scotland (SDP)

The Supplier Development Programme (SDP) is a Local Authority Partnership Programme supported by the Scottish Government and many Scottish Public sector bodies. SDP was established to offer Scottish small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to grow and diversify through procurement. SDP aims to assist SME’s performance in winning contracts in the public sector by providing information, support and training events to help unravel the tendering process.

SDP fulfils the Scottish Government manifesto commitment

to further support Scottish companies as they seek to win their fair share of public sector contracts, we will establish a unit to provide local businesses with advice to make them better placed to win public sector contracts in Scotland and throughout the UK”.

SDP unmistakably helps to deliver on this commitment as well as the fundamental principles of Scotland’s Economic Strategy, supporting businesses and promoting entrepreneurship. Additionally, through developing SMEs capability to compete for public sector contracts, SDP contributes to the vision of a society where the benefits of economic growth are shared more equally.

ELCOM Supplier Services 

ELCOM Supplier Services provides a range of value-added applications to suppliers whether they sell to the public or the private sector Supplier will be able to build their capacity and capability through integrated ‘Fit to Supply’ services. The EVOLVE MultiQuote eLearning portal helps suppliers to learn Public Sector tendering process, sharpen tendering skills, gain a competitive edge and build knowledge into successful tenders.

ELCOM is growing. In the past three years, we have doubled our product portfolio, and our community of users is growing as fast as our solutions. We offer an interactive community where buyers and suppliers can connect easily and safely. Buyers gain more efficient management of spending, lowering costs and risks. Suppliers maximise sales opportunities leading to greater efficiency and transparency. Together, all organisations improve productivity, freeing up time and energy.

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At ELCOM, we strongly believe in the power of collaborative work and we understand the importance of “one on one” relationships as part of the solution.


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