Businesses taking action on climate change is extremely important in achieving the UK’s Net-Zero goals by 2050, from opting for business practices that are sustainable to cutting emissions in the supply chains. The government has put in place measures that encourage businesses to reduce their emissions and thus positively impact the environment.

ELCOM has long been focused on creating a positive environmental legacy. Our environmental policy ties into the key themes of Net Zero and includes a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution. ELCOM promotes the integration of environmental considerations into our wider operational practices in the interest of sustainable operations, in a way that benefits all.

Grant Smith, COO, ELCOM states ‘’ELCOM is working to establish policy frameworks and comprehensive plans that will enable us to get to Net-Zero by 2030 in line with the UK Government’s target of becoming Net-Zero by 2050.’’

ELCOM is leading the way in cutting carbon emissions and building back a greener environment by placing a high emphasis on environmental practices that reduce consumption of natural resources and create less waste.

The top 5 actions that ELCOM continues to focus on to tackle the global climate emergency are:

  1. Plan for Change –

ELCOM is working on a plan to commit to Net Zero by ideally 2030 latest by 2035. This plan will cover the action items on reducing carbon emissions further by implementing strategies and measuring the progress in achieving the set targets.

  1. Energy Saving –

ELCOM is implementing strategies to secure the efficient use of energy and water, and of equipment, furniture, and materials utilising natural resources, in both the UK and across our global businesses. Our US offices are already 100% on renewable energy and the UK offices are accelerating in that direction.

  1. Transport –

ELCOM aims to reduce business transport costs and lower emissions by adopting and implementing an Agile working policy for all relevant staff which is a mixture of home and office working, to minimise unnecessary commuter travel. Our company does not provide company cars thus encouraging usage of public transport only, even for business travel.

  1. Supply Chain –

ELCOM is committed to operating an environmentally preferable purchasing policy in respect of goods and services, including promoting the adoption of sound environmental principles and practices by suppliers and contractors to the Company. We have provisioned the Scottish Government Data Centre who is already 100% on renewable energy.

  1. Waste –

ELCOM is invested in developing a strategy for waste prevention and reduction, and for the collection, segregation, re-use, recycling, storage, and safe disposal of all waste arising in the office buildings.

 About Elcom

At ELCOM, we focus on developing flexible technology to help our customers simplify, optimise and energise their Supply Chain. We make eProcurement smarter, more connected, and transparent while helping our customers trade, and save money. Unlike most procurement systems, which force users to adapt to them, we adapt our technology to our customers’ needs. Our solutions are being used in organisations as diverse as governments, administration agencies, emergency services, medical facilities, universities, academies, and schools.

About UK’s commitment to Net Zero

In 2019, the UK was one of the first major economies globally to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. The target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net-Zero by 2050.

Almost 1 in 3 of the UK’s businesses are leading the way in the world’s transition to a low carbon economy, committing to align with UK government ambitions and eliminate their contribution to climate change by 2050.

With the upcoming UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow later this year, the government is calling on more businesses in the UK and around the world to take urgent action on their carbon emissions by signing-up to Race to Zero and setting out clear pathways to get to net zero.


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