Elcom, a trusted name in procurement solutions, is proud to announce its recognition as an NOE CPC-awarded supplier, further solidifying its commitment to supporting the National Health Service (NHS) and public sector organisations. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Elcom, positioning the company as a leading provider of collaborative and bespoke procurement solutions within the healthcare industry.

Established in 2007 and wholly owned by the NHS, the NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive, compliant and innovative procurement solutions that save the NHS money. Through their category expertise and collective buying power, NOE CPC has consistently driven cost savings while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Elcom’s inclusion as an NOE CPC-awarded supplier reflects its unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare procurement. By leveraging their award-winning procurements, Elcom offers ready-to-access framework agreements, bespoke project support, and free access agreements. These solutions enable the NHS and public sector organisations to streamline their procurement processes, maximise cost savings, and improve overall efficiency.

As part of its comprehensive offering, Elcom provides state-of-the-art systems to capture data, allowing for informed decision-making and enhanced category specialisation. Through their expertise in eProcurement, Elcom assists members in improving data quality and utilising innovative technologies like PPIB (Procurement Price Index Benchmarking). Elcom ensures effortless and improved access to catalogue data provision for NOE CPC frameworks, empowering healthcare professionals with up-to-date and relevant information.

Elcom’s commitment to exceptional customer service extends to offering bespoke managed catalogue support options, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client’s local catalogue activity. Elcom’s team of procurement experts works closely with members to enhance data maturity, improve procurement processes, and enrich the data submitted to PPIB.

Furthermore, Elcom provides opportunity analysis, enabling customers to identify potential savings by leveraging NOE CPC frameworks. By utilising benchmarking, PPIB data, spend analytics and cutting-edge technology, Elcom assists organisations in making informed product and price comparisons. This analysis facilitates opportunities for customers to switch and save, thereby driving down costs while maintaining the highest quality standards in healthcare procurement.

By combining their expertise, industry knowledge, and innovative procurement solutions, Elcom is set to revolutionise healthcare procurement and make a lasting impact on the delivery of patient care.

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