Elcom, a leading provider of healthcare procurement solutions, is pleased to announce its registration as a supplier on the NHS Commercial Solutions framework. This significant milestone enables Elcom to extend its range of services to clients within the National Health Service (NHS) and strengthens its commitment to supporting the healthcare sector.

The NHS Commercial Solutions framework offers a comprehensive range of procurement frameworks designed to facilitate the delivery of improvement plans across various areas within healthcare. These frameworks cover a wide range of services, including estates consultancy, managed equipment services, waste management, BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems), and various hard and soft FM (Facilities Management) services.

As a registered supplier on the NHS Commercial Solutions framework, Elcom is now well-positioned to provide its expertise and solutions to NHS trusts and healthcare organisations. This partnership empowers Elcom to streamline procurement processes, enhance efficiency, and drive cost savings for clients across the NHS.

Elcom’s inclusion in the framework offers several key benefits to NHS clients. Firstly, it provides access to a trusted and reliable procurement partner with a proven track record in the healthcare sector. Elcom’s deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by healthcare organisations ensures tailored solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

In addition to this, Elcom’s extensive network of suppliers and industry connections allows NHS clients to leverage competitive pricing and access a broader range of products and services. By harnessing Elcom’s expertise, healthcare organisations can optimise their procurement strategies, improve supply chain management and ensure the availability of essential resources.

A spokesperson for Elcom expressed their enthusiasm about the new registration, stating, “Becoming a registered supplier on the NHS Commercial Solutions framework is a testament to Elcom’s commitment to the healthcare sector. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with NHS trusts and organisations, offering our procurement expertise to support their goals of delivering high-quality patient care and driving operational efficiencies.”

Elcom looks forward to partnering with NHS clients, helping them achieve their procurement objectives while contributing to the overall improvement of healthcare services across the UK. For more information about Elcom and its offerings, please visit For more information about NHS Commercial Solutions framework visit:


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