ELCOM, together with CPL Group, developed a free of charge tender solution called the ‘Sourcing Cloud’.

ELCOM’s philosophy is to offer “Trusted technology…” that is “tailored” to our customers’ needs. A good example of this is the CPL Group. ELCOM, together with CPL Group, developed a free-of-charge tender solution called the ‘Sourcing Cloud’. This tender tool helps manage complex procurement procedures, including Finding a Tender (FTS).

CPC (Crescent Purchasing Consortium), a part of CPL Group, writes Frameworks & DPS contracts for schools, academies, and colleges that are members of the CPC. These frameworks are to be utilised through Sourcing Cloud. Contract managers create and manage the frameworks using Evolve Source and embed them into the customers’ Sourcing Cloud to be used by the CPC members. Sourcing Cloud is a unique platform designed to be simpleefficientuser-friendly, and a compliant solution. It encourages the Education CPC members to run their own mini-competitions to sourcing quotes and contracts.

Darren Lowe, Managing Director at CPL Group highlights that EVOLVE Sourcing Cloud is the perfect combination of a user-friendly approach without sacrificing software capabilities.

“Tenet Education Services Ltd has been users of EVOLVE Sourcing Cloud for a number of years. EVOLVE Sourcing Cloud was chosen because of its user-friendliness and additional functionality. EVOLVE Sourcing Cloud is used daily by Tenet’s Procurement Professionals within education establishments nationwide. As the main corporate solution, it covers all aspects including requesting quotations through to complicated EU tenders. ELCOM has a deep knowledge of public procurement making it easier to solve any operational issue.”

Sourcing Cloud allows CPC members ease of use and significant benefits and is to be used for all mini-competitions through CPC frameworks that exceed £189,330.

Learn more on how to use the Sourcing Cloud solution.

Click here to find out more about ELCOM Sourcing Solutions for Education.

About CPL Group

CPL Group is a charity owned by the education sector and is comprised of three not-for-profit procurement organisations that provide support and services to educational establishments and the wider public sector:

Any surpluses made by these organisations are reviewed by the charity’s board of trustees and following approval, a proportion is redistributed into the education sector. CPL Group’s Mission is to provide outstanding procurement services to members and clients.


At ELCOM, we focus on developing flexible technology to help our customers simplify, optimise and energise their Supply Chain. We make eProcurement smarter, more connected, and transparent while helping our customers trade, and save money. Unlike most procurement systems, which force users to adapt to them, we adapt our technology to our customers’ needs. Our solutions are being used in organisations as diverse as governments, administration agencies, emergency services, medical facilities, universities, academies, and schools.


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