Crescent Purchasing Consortium

Pat Condon, Contracting & Compliance Manager at Crescent Purchasing Consortium considers EVOLVE Education solution a key easy-to-use tool for the Education sector.

“CPC is an innovative purchasing consortium always looking to provide best value frameworks that can be accessed easily by our members. In selecting the EVOLVE Education solution from ELCOM, we believe that members will love the ease of use and the significant benefits that EVOLVE Education brings in comparison to other providers in the marketplace.  ELCOM has proven their willingness with CPC to engage in developing customer-focused solutions and we very much look forward to the innovations that our partnership will bring for our members.”


Tenet Education Services Limited

Darren Lowe, Managing Director at Tenet Education Services Limited highlights that EVOLVE Educations is the perfect combination of a user-friendly approach without sacrificing software capabilities.

“Tenet Education Services Ltd has been users of EVOLVE Education for a number of years. EVOLVE was chosen because of the user-friendliness and the additional functionality, hard to find in other solutions. EVOLVE is used daily by Tenet’s 20+ Procurement Professionals within education establishments nationwide. As the main corporate solution, it covers all aspects including requesting quotations through to complicated EU tenders. ELCOM has a deep knowledge of public procurement making it easier to solve any operational issue.”

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