Elcom European Programs

At Elcom, we are proud of being part of multiple European Grants.

Doing so our clients benefit of the most up to date technology in compliance with European regulations. We are continuously, and closely working with multiple institutions which are an important part of the European Grants. The Eurologin project is led by the @institutoai2 of the @UPV. Eurinv2019 is managed and coordinated by @inea_eu, @IRTIC_UV, @UPV and @lmtgroup_eu. All the projects are co-financed by the European Commission through the #CEFTelecom Call Program.


The #EUROLogin project enables cross-border authentication services while guaranteeing the secure #eIdentification for European citizens. Coordinated by @UPV, it gathers participants from Belgium, Cyprus, Italy and UK and coordinated by @UPV.



The EU project #EURINV19 ensures that our #eInvoicing solutions comply with the European standard (EN) for electronic #eInvoicing. The project managed and coordinated by @inea_eu, @IRTIC_UV and @lmtgroup_eu.


The #PROAS4 #eDelivery project implements the #AS4 protocol and upgrades the Service Metadata Publishers (SMP) of our certified PEPPOL Access Points (AP). The project is co-funded by #EUFunding #CEFTelecom


News Updates

1305, 2024

Bolton Council

May 13th, 2024|

Elcom's Community solution is aiding Bolton Council in cost reduction and efficiency improvement, while also minimising product wastage and fostering potential long-term cost savings. Book a Demo

2603, 2024


March 26th, 2024|

Elcom's MultiQuote solution has provided Humankind with a clear audit trail, helping to drive compliance, governance and transparency in line with procurement legislation - saving costs and enhancing the overall value for money achieved [...]


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