Why Is ISO 27001 So Important?

ISO 27001:2013 is the only international standard that guarantees your customers’ data is well protected. In a world where cyber-attacks and malware are commonplace, and ransom demands are a growing problem, ISO 27001:2013 is the globally recognised quality benchmark awarded to companies that take privacy and information security seriously. 

As such, it’s the cornerstone of what’s known as Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs) — the tools that technology companies use to keep your information and your customers’ data safe. And it’s not just about computer systems. Those businesses making the grade must ensure their people and processes are up to scratch too, including procedures to deal with any unauthorised data breaches.

Who should be ISO 27001 Certified?

Businesses and public sector organisations have a legal responsibility to protect customer data and ISO 27001:2013 gives leaders confidence they are dealing with the most advanced providers in the world, who’ve spent millions of pounds making the necessary investment in infrastructure and technology to safeguard user data. 

ISO 27001:2013 is now frequently mandated as a minimum requirement in digital procurement. It’s the easiest way to remove risk from the supply chain and meet your infosec responsibilities, not just for personal data but even your organisation’s own financial information and intellectual property. 

Be Sure — Be Certified

When you use Elcom, you know your own supply chain is accredited with a robust, risk-based approach to data security. Some providers say they adhere to the ISO 27001:2013 standard but haven’t been certified. This means that a company’s ability to meet the required performance standards has not been independently verified by one of a host of certifying bodies. Elcom’s certification was awarded by UK-based DAS Certification.


ISO 27001:2013 also means that the Elcom platform you adopt
will continue to evolve and keep pace with cyber threats.